Rancho Regeneracion

Organic Farm | Natural Building | Community

A leap towards regeneration.

We are part of a collection of for-purpose businesses dedicated to service, hospitality, adventure, relaxation and real food.

We use business as a tool to regenerate human and environmental abundance.

Sustainability is not enough.

We are losing touch with the natural world, going ever deeper into the throws of unsustainable consumption.

Organic Farm

We are what we eat.

An experimental food production system designed using patterns observed in nature. A medley of practices are in play: permaculture, biodynamics, local indigenous knowledge. We hope to feed 1,000 people/day.

Natural Building

Structures that take care of your needs while minimizing environmental harm

We are eternal experimenters who love to push what’s possible. We don’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to be eco-friendly, we can do it all and save money. The aim is to build a community of beautiful dwellings drawing from our building experience using natural & upcycled materials, bamboo, earthship biotecture principles and closed loop systems.

Community Empowerment

It’s all about the people.

We host experiential workshops and regularly share our learnings with the wider community. More importantly, we steward each and every member of our team and are pioneering the creation of dignified workplaces in Nicaragua.


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